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Miss Bessie, Dance Oracle (on-going)

Ask any Question, Receive the Dance


Miss Bessie, the reincarnation of a Prussian chef, a royal hat maker and more recently, a lollipop lady (to name but a few), will amaze you with her precision. This Psychic Movement Medium is available for Private Functions.

Worcestershire Saucy

Postcard Invite (2009)

England, Lost And Found

Postcard Invite (2007)

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Worcestershire Saucy

Poster (2009)

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Hello from Viv: "Please explore this wonderful website, that has become a sort of living, travelling memories 'book' of all things past, leaving room for all things future. In addition, I've got a Production Company called 'Worcestershire Saucy', so click on the Facebook link to access the page."

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