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Hello from Viv: "Please explore this wonderful website, that has become a sort of living, travelling memories 'book' of all things past, leaving room for all things future. In addition, I've got a Production Company called 'Worcestershire Saucy', so click on the Facebook link to access the page."


Viv has been dancing, choreographing and acting both collaboratively and as a solo artist since 1979, in dance, theatre, film and video. Born in England, Viv trained in ballet, from the age of 4, then later, in Social Dance, Jazz, National Dance and Modern at Chelsea College of P.E., Eastbourne. Extensive travel was then blended with further training in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver. She performed in the vaudeville group the Roaring Twenties (1974-78) in Alberta, co-founded Remote Control with Dave Wilson (1979) and The Illuminations with Wilson and Pam Johnson (1990) in Toronto. She has performed and taught in universities, arts schools and colleges in Sweden, Australia, England and Canada. Viv has co-written several publications, presented at international conferences and has worked with community dance (RNIB, deaf & partial hearing) in London, England and in Canada (CNIB, multi-disabilities and psychiatric survivors). She sang as part of the choral group Boychoir of Lesbos, under the name of Victor Lamour from 1995 to 2008. She received a 1998-99 Harold (independent theatre). In 1990, Viv received a B.F.A. (Dean's Honours List), and an M.A. in 2007.

On part-time staff teaching Movement, Creative, Contact and Social Dance at Humber College (Theatre and Film & TV Departments) since 1985, Viv has choreographed main stage musicals such as Cabaret, Godspell, Threepenny Opera and At the Black Pig’s Dyke (Theatre Humber).


Viv studied with many fight directors such as Robert Seale, J.P. Fournier, and Brad Waller, gaining Advanced Actor Combatant Level in Smallsword, Broadsword, Unarmed, Katana, Quarterstaff and Rapier & Dagger, and subsequently worked as fight choreographer and consultant. She was National Co-ordinator of Fight Directors, Canada (1994-97), organising annual conferences and assisting in Banff, Toronto and Washington, DC. Recently her studies have included Bullwhip, Knife and Tomahawk throwing and Archery with Anthony De Longis (L.A.).


Worcestershire Saucy

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Worcestershire Saucy

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